Mufaddal Gombera

How Much Is A Runner’s Knee Recovery Time?

Jun 15, 202446 Views

You just started a new running program with high enthusiasm. You start running further, faster, and more often. Then, you suddenly get pain in the front of your knee around the kneecap that won’t go away. A runner’s knee recovery time is usually 6-12 weeks. Runner’s Knee is also called patellofemoral syndrome or patellofemoral pain […]

Is There A Treatment For Hip Arthritis Without Surgery?

May 30, 2024105 Views

Studies show that one in four adults will get hip arthritis during their lifetime. Most of these adults seek treatment for hip arthritis without surgery. Luckily, there are many cases that can be treated without an invasive surgical procedure. What Is Hip Arthritis? Hip arthritis happens when the cartilage between the hip joint bones wears […]

Fracture Vs. Break: What Is The Difference?

May 15, 2024138 Views

It might be surprising, but a broken bone and a fractured bone mean the same thing. A fracture happens when something outside the body puts too much pressure on a bone. Even though bones are usually strong, they can get weaker over time and easier to break. Fractures can happen in different ways: straight down, […]

What Causes Shin Splints?

Apr 30, 2024170 Views

Shin splints happen when the front part of your lower leg hurts, usually because you have been doing a lot of running, dancing, or intense exercises. They’re more likely to bother you if you have started working out harder or differently than usual. Wonder: “What causes shin splints?” It’s your muscles, tendons, and the overworked […]

Radial Head Fracture: Treatment & After-Care

Apr 15, 2024183 Views

When you fall, it’s natural to try to catch yourself with your hands. But sometimes, the force of the fall can travel up your arm and cause problems in your elbow. It might even dislocate your elbow or break a bone called the radius in your forearm. How Common Are Radial Head Fractures? Fractures in […]



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