Mufaddal Gombera

How Long Does Achilles Tendonitis Take To Heal Completely?

Jan 15, 20242015 Views

You have probably heard of Achilles’ heel, but did you know that constantly overusing your ankle can give way to Achilles tendonitis? Often found in athletes and fitness lovers, Achilles tendonitis is a condition that causes extreme foot pain. While there are many reasons behind the pain, it is often the treatment that people look […]

Why Does My Ankle Hurt After Knee Replacement Surgery?

Dec 30, 2023424 Views

If you’ve lived your entire life suffering from arthritis, with pain taking root in your joints and kneecaps, then chances are you might need knee replacement surgery to ease some of the pain. For most people, knee replacement surgery is a transformative procedure since it replaces a part of your knee but also restores your […]

Try These 5 Simple Exercises To Prevent Shoulder Injury!

Dec 15, 2023316 Views

Most people associate exercising with losing weight, but that’s not the only benefit behind it. There are numerous advantages of exercising, one of which is preventing injuries. Whether or not you’ve got weak bones, training your muscles can build up overall strength and prepare your body for the worst. Doctors typically recommend focusing on your […]

What To Expect During An Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair By Dr. Gombera

Nov 30, 2023333 Views

Thanks to modern technology, Dr. Mufaddal Gombera can offer minimally invasive care like arthroscopic rotator cuff repair. During a shoulder arthroscopy, Dr. Gombera uses a small instrument called an arthroscope to treat the affected joint. With the help of a few small incisions and thin instruments, he mends the torn tendons, restoring the function and […]

What Happens During An Acl Reconstructive Surgery?

Nov 15, 2023247 Views

What is an ACL? ACL, or the anterior cruciate ligament, is a ligament in your knee that serves as a barrier between the femur bone and the tibia. The ACL helps to prevent the two bones from colliding against each other, stabilizing them instead. However, when this ligament tears or gets damaged, it can lead […]



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