Hip Arthroscopy and Labral Repair: What To Expect

August 30, 2023

In cases of severe hip pain or hip joint issues, arthroscopic surgery might be needed. Most orthopedic surgeons suggest getting a hip arthroscopy and labral repair if non-surgical treatments do not work. Typically, labral tears and femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), among other conditions, are the main causes of such surgeries. To find out what entails during the procedure, keep on reading.

What Happens During a Hip Arthroscopy and Labral Repair?

Hip arthroscopies and labral repairs can be quite time-consuming, depending on the nature of the damage. Here is a breakdown of what to expect during the surgery:

  1. The Tear is Evaluated
    The very first thing a surgeon does is evaluate and assess the tear. This helps them understand how many sutures are needed to pull the muscles and joints back into shape. Once the calculations are made, they move on to the next step.
  2. The First Anchor is Tied
    In order to repair the tear, the surgeon starts off by threading a suture through the muscle. The suture is passed through the first anchor and neatly tied around the loop to ensure the knot is secure.
  3. The Second Anchor is Tied
    After the first anchor is stable, the second suture is passed through the second anchor. This is done by leaving some space between the sutures so they can be pulled taut and tied down.
  4. The Third Anchor is Tied
    The third stitch is the exact same. The surgeon once again passes the suture, looping it through the third anchor to methodically tie the tear back up.
  5. The Fourth Anchor is Tied
    Similar to the previous sutures, the fourth loop is also performed by looping the thread through the last anchor. In most cases, the fourth anchor is the last, so it is crucial that all the knots are tight and well-spaced.
  6. The Repair is Completed with Four Anchors
    Lastly, once the stitches are done, it should effectively seal the tear, closing it. Over time, the muscles and tendons will grow around it, naturally fixing the hip impingement.

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