Try These 5 Simple Exercises To Prevent Shoulder Injury!

December 15, 2023

Most people associate exercising with losing weight, but that’s not the only benefit behind it. There are numerous advantages of exercising, one of which is preventing injuries. Whether or not you’ve got weak bones, training your muscles can build up overall strength and prepare your body for the worst.

Doctors typically recommend focusing on your limbs when exercising to toughen them up. From shoulder muscles to quads, every joint has its purpose. However, since your arms get the most movement, it is important to add simple exercises into your routine to prevent a serious shoulder injury.

Everyday Exercises To Prevent Shoulder Injury

Regular exercise tends to strengthen shoulder muscles and help to stabilize the shoulder joint. The stronger your shoulders are, the lesser the chances of you suffering from a severe injury. Moreover, your shoulder joints are extremely fragile. They can easily get dislocated, sprained, or fractured if you’re not careful. Thus, to prevent any such injury, incorporate the following exercises into your daily routine and start building up your arm strength.

  1. Arm Pendulum
    One of the easiest shoulder exercises is the arm pendulum. All you have to do is lean on a table for support while one of your arms hangs towards the ground. Swing the free arm back and forth like a pendulum before moving it around in a circle. Do this for each arm, and make sure to complete 2 sets of 10 reps at least 5 to 6 times a week. The key is to avoid locking your knees or rounding your back.
  2. Passive Rotations
    Passive rotations are best performed with a prop. You can use a ruler or a light stick to carry out this exercise. For internal passive rotation, hold the stick behind your back with your arms before sliding the stick left and right. This is supposed to stretch the muscles at the front of your shoulder. Make sure to hold the stretched-out position for at least 30 seconds. Similarly, for external passive rotation, shift the stick in front of you and keep your elbow planted to the side before stretching with both hands.
  3. Crossover Arm Stretch
    When done right, a crossover arm stretch takes away the pressure applied on your elbow and helps to extend the shoulder muscles at the back. Simply hold out one arm across your chest and stretch it as far as it goes. Make sure to hold the upper arm with your free hand to give it support. Hold this position for 30 seconds before letting go, and then repeat with the other arm.
  4. Sleeper Shoulder Stretch
    Lie on your side and use the arm that is under you to get through this exercise. Rather than extending the arm flat on the surface, hold it in a bent position. Then, use your free hand to gently pull the bent arm down diagonally, which will help tug at the muscles of your upper back. Once you feel the stretch, hold the position for 30 seconds before allowing yourself to rest.
  5. Elbow Extension Stretch
    To build muscles in your upper arm, try the elbow extension stretch, which involves the use of a 1 to 10-pound weight, depending on your limit. Start off with a 1-pound weight and raise your arm. Then, bend your elbow, allowing the weight to fall behind your head. Use your free hand to rest against the forearm so it doesn’t buckle. Slowly straighten the bent arm holding the weight and hold it for a few seconds to feel the pressure in your upper arm.

Bottom Line

Dr. Mufaddal Gombera is an experienced and licensed orthopedic surgeon who specializes in all things bones, muscles, and joints. Whether it’s medical advice or tips on how to exercise to prevent shoulder injury, he has the answer to everything. So, if you’ve got a deep ache in your joints but don’t know what to do, give Mufaddal Gombera, MD, a call today at (713) 794-3457.

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Dr. Gombera, earned his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine and completed his orthopedic surgery residency at the University of Michigan. Expanding his expertise, he undertook a sports medicine and arthroscopy fellowship at Northwestern University in Chicago. Recognized as a Super Doctors Rising Star and honored for patient care excellence at the University of Michigan, he holds multiple certifications and licenses, solidifying his dedication to delivering exceptional medical services.



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