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Sport improves concentration and quality of life

Jun 5, 2022272 Views

Physically fit primary school pupils feel better and can concentrate better. They are more likely to make it to higher-level secondary grammar schools than children with less sporting abilities. This has been confirmed for the first time in a study by the Department of Sport and Health Sciences at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). […]

80% return to baseball after meniscectomy: New study

Apr 22, 2022310 Views

Professional baseball players are likely to return to sport after a meniscectomy, according to a new study. The study, “Performance and Return to Sports After Meniscectomy in Professional Baseball Players,” was published online on February 11, 2022, in The American Journal of Sports Medicine. Source : Orthopedics This Week Read more

What are the best exercises for hip arthritis?

Apr 22, 2022206 Views

Arthritis is a common cause of hip stiffness and pain that gradually affects mobility and quality of life. Doing gentle hip exercises may help restore hip mobility, ease pain, and strengthen the hip. Source : Medical News Today Read more

What You Can Do About Stiff Achy Knees (at Any Age)

Apr 22, 2022256 Views

The most common cause of knee pain can hit you in your 30s as easily as it can in your 60s and 70s. Osteoarthritis, or “wear-and-tear arthritis,” is the most common cause of knee pain – and the most common form of arthritis. Source : healthessentials Read more

10 Easy Shoulder Mobility Exercises That Ease Pain and Improve Range of Motion

Apr 22, 2022248 Views

Shoulder tightness can slowly creep up with age, affecting your ability to get adequate sleep, lift grocery bags, scrub the bathtub, or push open heavy doors. Maintaining shoulder mobility usually doesn’t become a focus until these daily activities of living become impacted—or pain and stiffness get unbearable. Source : Prevention Read more



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