Gluteus Tendon (Hip Abductor) Repairs

It can be quite challenging to deal with gluteus tendon tears, but you can expect optimal treatment with Mufaddal Gombera, MD. We offer hip abductor tendon repair using cutting-edge technology and effective methods. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing quality care; you can contact us for orthopedic treatment today!

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    Introducing Hip Abductor Tendon Repairs

    Your gluteal muscles are responsible for the stability and movement of your hip joints. Two of these muscles — tendons of gluteus medius and gluteus minimus — are attached to the outer hip area. Also called the ‘rotator cuff of the hip,’ these tendons can sustain an injury or tear for multiple reasons. We specialize in treating hip abductor tendon tears, using promising techniques to ensure your legs can function like they used to.

    When you visit Dr. Gombera, he will work alongside his highly efficient team to treat your condition. By thoroughly examining the affected region, we will decide which procedure is most suitable for you.

    Our Take on Gluteus Tendon Tear Repair

    We have years of experience in treating hip abductor tears, and it is an honor to admit that we are quite adept at it.  Our goal is to offer you high-end treatment with the latest advancements in order for you to have a properly functioning leg again. At Mufaddal Gombera, MD., we take pride in our promising treatments that successfully restore the normal function of your gluteal tendons.

    If you have a partial tear, our orthopedist surgeon might recommend conservative therapy, which involves changes in your daily activities, physical therapy, and rest. In addition, we may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers. Our treatments are catered according to your specific case, and we pay undivided equal attention to each patient. In case conservative therapy is not effective, we might proceed with surgical treatment, which includes open repairs and arthroscopic gluteus tendon repair.

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    How We Perform Hip Arthroscopy at Mufaddal Gombera, MD

    When non-surgical treatment does not work, we often proceed with surgical treatment. Our hip arthroscopy is an ideal solution for gluteus tendon repair, thanks to the many benefits. You will not regret opting for this procedure; we do not compromise on your comfort or the quality of the surgical treatment.  After proper evaluation and calculations, here is how our arthroscopic hip abductor recovery works:


    1. Anesthesia: Your comfort is our priority, which is why we administer general anesthesia to ensure you do not feel any discomfort.
    2. Incision: Once the affected area is completely numb, Dr. Gombera will make a few minor incisions as big as a quarter of an inch.
    3. Inserting the Arthroscope: Next, it is finally time to insert the arthroscopy into your hip using one of the incisions. In this step, the actual procedure begins as we work on your tear. Our specialist performs the surgery without a perineal post to avoid the associated complications.
    4. Pumping in Sterile Fluid: Dr. Gombera works diligently while performing the surgery. Therefore, he pumps in a sterile fluid to open up the joint, making more space to perform the surgery.
    5. Closing Incisions: When our expert orthopedist is done with the surgery, they use strong adhesive strips to close the cuts. This is the final step after all parts of the surgery have been performed.

    Allow Us to Put Your Leg in its Rightful Place!

    Our arthroscopic hip abductor repair is among the most beneficial procedures for the tendon tear. You will not have to bear pain in order to have the tear fixed. That’s not all — the recovery time is minimized, and you will be able to properly walk on your legs sooner than you think. Efficient, painless, and convenient are just some words to describe hip arthroscopy at Mufaddal Gombera, MD. Contact us today to get started!

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    Always has a smile on his face, extensive knowledge in orthopedics and a conservative approach to treatment. Would highly recommend.

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    Excellent Doctor, he treats you very well and all the studies are done quickly. Right now I am seeing him for various diseases and I can recommend him 100%.

    Leticia Alanis

    Dr G was great. He listened to my concerns, explained my condition, and made recommendations that made sense.

    David Behen

    Dr. Gombera was very knowledgeable and explained everything so that I understood. I will see him in the future if needed. Great experience here.


    Dr Gombera was very attentive to my concerns and trying to find solutions. Felt very comfortable with his plan and insights with my possible hip issues.

    Jill Ganse

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