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Our Orthopedic Second Opinion Service – X-ray and MRI Review

Whether you live in the Houston area or across the globe, you have access to the experience and expertise of Dr. Gombera. He and his team at Fondren Orthopedic Group are involved in advanced treatments and cutting-edge research in the treatment of sports-related injuries. Dr. Gombera e can provide a second opinion by reviewing your medical records, MRIs and/or X-rays.

It is very common for patients suffering from an orthopedic injury who want to make sure that they are making the best decision to maintain their active lifestyles to get second opinions from other physicians. Patients seeking an orthopedic second opinion can send medical records along with initial MRI and radiology results for Dr. Gombera’s review. This can be performed as an office visit, or as a remote MRI review and second opinion.

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    Why do patients seek a Remote Second Opinion or X-ray and MRI Review?

    Individuals affected by an orthopedic injury often feel confused by the initial diagnosis and prescribed treatment. With a healthcare system that continues to become more complicated, as well as various treatment options ranging from non-surgical to surgical, patients often question their diagnosis and treatment plan. Dr. Gombera may validate the existing diagnosis and treatment plan or may offer alternate approaches for treating the injury. In addition, Dr. Gombera can provide information regarding expected outcomes, potential complications and recovery time.

    This can be performed by scheduling an office visit. It can also be performed remotely by securely sending your medical records and imaging for Dr. Gombera to review.

    What Can Our Medical Second Opinion Service Provide to Patients?

    The orthopedic second opinion that Dr. Gombera provides from reviewing your case history, MRIs and/or X-rays can help you:

    • Gain more knowledge about your orthopedic diagnosis and treatment options
    • Make more-informed decisions about your health care
    • Compare diagnosis and treatment results between two physicians
    • Confirm the diagnosis and treatment plan are correct

    Most sports medicine physicians welcome an orthopedic second opinion from a respected peer. A good physician understands a patient’s right to be well informed. Some physicians will even encourage patients to contact a medical second opinion service because a different doctor may determine a different diagnosis and/or treatment plan.

    How to Get an X-ray and MRI Review from Dr. Gombera

    To initiate an orthopedic second opinion from Dr. Gombera, you will need to gather a copy of your medical records, MRIs and radiology results to give him a better understanding of the details of your orthopedic injury and then follow the instructions your will receive after submitting the below form for an X-ray and MRI Review.

    You should not feel concerned about offending your treating physician by obtaining Dr. Gombera’s orthopedic opinion utilizing our second opinion service. Be honest with your original physician, and he or she should not be offended because information and patient education is vital to all patients when it comes to healthcare.

    How Much Does an X-ray and MRI Review Cost?

    It is always recommended that you contact your insurance company directly for a full explanation on the cost involved with a second opinion. With the ever-changing healthcare and insurance industries, it is important that you understand all costs involved, including physician office visit, new MRI and radiology tests, etc.

    In general, an office visit and appointment for a second opinion and MRI Review is typically covered by most insurance plans. A Remote Case Review, including X-ray and MRI Review for a Second Opinion, is typically not covered by insurance or Medicare.

    Dr. Gombera’s fee for a Remote Case Review is $275 which is payable by credit card. If you decide to have surgery with Dr. Gombera, the $275 fee will be refunded or discounted from your surgery fee.

    In addition, if Dr. Gombera is not within your medical network, or you are an out of state or international patient, please call us to discuss our bundled payment options for the cost of surgical care with Dr. Gombera for common sports medicine conditions.

    Request an X-ray and MRI Review from Dr. Gombera

    There is a $275 fee for a case review.

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    What People Say

    Always has a smile on his face, extensive knowledge in orthopedics and a conservative approach to treatment. Would highly recommend.

    Anthony Sakr

    Excellent Doctor, he treats you very well and all the studies are done quickly. Right now I am seeing him for various diseases and I can recommend him 100%.

    Leticia Alanis

    Dr G was great. He listened to my concerns, explained my condition, and made recommendations that made sense.

    David Behen

    Dr. Gombera was very knowledgeable and explained everything so that I understood. I will see him in the future if needed. Great experience here.


    Dr Gombera was very attentive to my concerns and trying to find solutions. Felt very comfortable with his plan and insights with my possible hip issues.

    Jill Ganse

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