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Dr. Gombera often treats patients from out of town, out of state, and from abroad. We use specifically designed treatment protocols and have a trained staff to accommodate out of town patients. Whether from around the block or around the world, Dr. Gombera personalizes his treatment to meet your needs.

Your care will be provided at the Fondren Main clinic at Texas Orthopedic Hospital. It is located at 7401 S. Main St, Houston, TX 77030. It is less than 1 mile south of the Texas Medical Center.

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    Contact Information:

    Direct line for International patients: (713) 794-3577
    Bea Elizalde, Medical Records:
    (713) 799-2300, ext 3180

    Hotel Information

    Direct line for International patients: (713) 794-3577
    Bea Elizalde, Medical Records:
    (713) 799-2300, ext 3180

    Below are some of the frequently asked questions by out of town patients.

    Q: When can I fly/drive home after surgery?

    A: In most instances, you may return home 2-3 days after surgery, unless otherwise instructed. There are certain risks associated with this that Dr. Gombera will discuss with you.

    Q: What do I do in the event of a problem?

    A: You should contact us as soon as possible directly (713) 794-3457, or through our main office number (713) 799-2300. You can email us at info@gomberamd.com

    Q: What is the best way to get to the airport from the hospital?
    A: A car service is probably the best way, as it is more spacious than a taxi. And, the driver of a car service will be able to give more assistance with your baggage. If you would like assistance with arranging this, please contact our office staff.
    Q: Is there anything special I should do when I am on the plane?

    A: You should make certain that you take the opportunity to walk several times during your flight, and continue to do the foot pump exercises. You should also wear a pair of TEDS stockings on the day that you fly.

    Q: How often do I need to return for a check-up?

    A: The usual times to return are at 2 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, and 1 year postoperative. We realize that it can be difficult and costly to travel such a long distance for follow-ups. Typically, patients coming from out of state will have their 2-week appointment done by a provider close to home, and will return to see Dr. Gombera 6-8 weeks after surgery.

    We recommend keeping in touch by phone or email if travel to our clinic is not possible. We would like to make the recovery process as easy as possible for you, so we would like to be in communication with you via telephone or email.

    Q: Should I set up a local orthopedist to do the follow-up of my surgery?

    A: It is a good idea to have a local orthopedic surgeon who would be willing to examine you and communicate with us if the need should arise. It can be difficult to find someone willing to do the follow-up care of a patient that he/she has not operated upon; we will do our best to assist you.

    Q: In the event of a complication, what do I do?

    A: You should contact Dr. Gombera immediately. Most problems can be dealt with in a matter of days. If there is a serious problem that prevents you from returning to Houston, you may have to seek local emergency care. If so, please have the treating doctor call us to discuss your situation.

    Q: Can I obtain a copy of my operative report?

    A: Yes, we can provide these documents for your records. You may go to the patient portal at patient.fondren.com and request a copy of your records via email. Your records can then be emailed back to you under our secure protocol through the patient portal.

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    What People Say

    Always has a smile on his face, extensive knowledge in orthopedics and a conservative approach to treatment. Would highly recommend.

    Anthony Sakr

    Excellent Doctor, he treats you very well and all the studies are done quickly. Right now I am seeing him for various diseases and I can recommend him 100%.

    Leticia Alanis

    Dr G was great. He listened to my concerns, explained my condition, and made recommendations that made sense.

    David Behen

    Dr. Gombera was very knowledgeable and explained everything so that I understood. I will see him in the future if needed. Great experience here.


    Dr Gombera was very attentive to my concerns and trying to find solutions. Felt very comfortable with his plan and insights with my possible hip issues.

    Jill Ganse

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