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Overuse Injuries

Sports are a great way for you to exercise and learn about teamwork and discipline—all while having fun! However, sports may also come with injuries, both the obvious, like broken bones, and the not so obvious, like tendinitis. These less apparent injuries are called overuse injuries, which often result from too much athletic play.

What is an overuse injury?

Injuries can be categorized into two groups: acute and overuse. Acute injuries are usually the result of a single, traumatic event such as fall or hit to the leg or arm. Some common examples of acute injuries are wrist fractures, ankle sprains, and shoulder dislocations.

Overuse injuries are more difficult than acute injuries to diagnose and treat because they are subtle and usually occur over time. When repetitive traumas affect the tendons, bones, muscles, and joints, an overuse injury develops. Common examples include tennis elbow, swimmer’s shoulder, Achilles tendinitis, and shin splints.

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