Preparing for Surgery

Thank you for choosing Dr. Gombera, Fondren Orthopedic Group, Texas Orthopedic Hospital to take care of you. We are here to help you throughout your surgery and recovery. Recovering from orthopedic surgery is a complex process. Dr. Gombera performs hundreds of orthopedic surgeries each year. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional care to each of our patients.

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    Before your Surgery

    • Your surgery will be performed at Texas Orthopedic Hospital, unless otherwise instructed.
    • Our office will notify you of your arrival time the afternoon before surgery. If you are not contacted by 3:30pm the day before surgery, please call us.
    • You will need to register with the hospital. You may need to undergo additional pre-operative testing to clear you for surgery.
    • Ice is very helpful to relieve pain and swelling after surgery. You may purchase an “ice machine” for use after surgery.
    • Stop NSAIDs (Aleve, Advil, Ibuprofen, Etodalac, etc.) 5 days before surgery, unless otherwise instructed.
    • Arrange for someone to drive you to and from Texas Orthopedic Hospital.
    • If you have any known allergies to any medication, tell us at the time we schedule your surgery.
    • Arrange for someone to help out with everyday tasks like cooking, shopping and laundry
    • Put items that you use often within easy reach before surgery.
    • If you need documentation regarding a leave of absence or work restrictions, please let us know beforehand.
    • Do NOT eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your surgery.

    The Day of Surgery

    • You will be asked to arrive 2 hours before the scheduled surgery time.
    • Bring your insurance card and identification with you.
    • You will be admitted and meet the nursing staff, anesthesia staff, and you will see Dr. Gombera.
    • Your surgery will be performed by Dr. Gombera
    • You will stay in the recovery room typically 2-3 hours after your surgery.
    • You will work with with our physical therapists in the recovery room
    • You need someone to pick you up at the hospital and spend the night with you.
    • Your recovery plan and need for PT will be designed collaboratively with Dr. Gombera.
    • You will leave the hospital with post-op instructions and a follow-up appointment date/time.

    After your Surgery

    • Do not put any creams or antibiotic agents on the incisions.
    • Keep the arm or leg elevated and use ice as directed. This will help decrease swelling and pain
    • Take your pain medicine as directed.
    • If you wait to take your pain medication until the pain is severe, you will have more difficulty in controlling the pain.
    • You can shower 48-72 hours after your surgery, unless otherwise instructed.
    • Use your ice machine as instructed to decrease swelling and diminish pain.
    • You may resume driving when you are off narcotic pain medication, unless otherwise instructed.
    • Your first post-operative appointment will be scheduled for 10-14 days after surgery with our physician assistant.
    • At the post-op appointment, we will review your surgery findings inspect your incisions, review your recovery plan.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please call us at . The Fondren Orthopedic Group main phone number is (713) 799-2300. You can email us at

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    What People Say

    Always has a smile on his face, extensive knowledge in orthopedics and a conservative approach to treatment. Would highly recommend.

    Anthony Sakr

    Excellent Doctor, he treats you very well and all the studies are done quickly. Right now I am seeing him for various diseases and I can recommend him 100%.

    Leticia Alanis

    Dr G was great. He listened to my concerns, explained my condition, and made recommendations that made sense.

    David Behen

    Dr. Gombera was very knowledgeable and explained everything so that I understood. I will see him in the future if needed. Great experience here.


    Dr Gombera was very attentive to my concerns and trying to find solutions. Felt very comfortable with his plan and insights with my possible hip issues.

    Jill Ganse

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