Dr. Gombera Selected to 2021 Texas Super Doctors

Mar 29, 2023389 Views

2021 marks the fifth year in a row that Dr. Mufaddal Gombera has been selected to the Texas Super Doctors. Recipients of this selection are nominated by physicians as those they would personally choose when seeking medical care. Under 3% of active Texas physicians are selected for this nomination. Physicians are grouped into specialties, and those […]

Can A Torn Meniscus Heal On Its Own, Or Do You Need A Surgery?

Mar 15, 202314918 Views

The human body is filled with magical wonders, but did you know that your knees are in charge of carrying the entire weight of your body? Although it doesn’t matter how strong they may be, they’re not prone to injuries. If anything, it only makes them more susceptible This is why meniscus tears are, by […]

Knee Feels Tight When Bending? Here’s What You KNEE-d To Know!

Feb 28, 202357953 Views

With growing age comes growing pain. Be it your back, neck, or knees, the older you get, the more your joints scream in protest. However, one of the most common complaints we get is an aching knee. A knee that feels tight when bending or even when you’re standing straight is not a normal occurrence. […]

Weight Bearing Progression After Ankle Surgery: What to Expect

Jan 16, 202360547 Views

If you’ve injured your ankle playing sports, exercising or because of an accident, you may need surgery. You will need to be diligent in following your doctor’s instructions to ensure a full recovery. Gradually putting weight back on your ankle is essential to regather strength at a healthy pace. Learn more about weight-bearing restrictions and what […]

How long should a concussed athlete be sidelined?

Jun 5, 2022578 Views

What factors predict recovery time for an athlete who has suffered a concussion? A new study has some answers. As the Stanford University authors wrote, “Prognosticating recovery times for individual athletes with a concussion remains a challenge for health care providers. Several preinjury and postinjury factors have been proposed to be predictive of prolonged return-to-play […]

Exercising With Knee Pain: Do’s and Don’ts

Jun 5, 2022328 Views

Plenty of studies show the enormous benefits of regular exercise on knee health and the protective advantages it can offer in keeping the structures, tissues and ligaments of the knee protected from damage now, and later in life. As long as you clear it with your physician first, you might be surprised at the knee […]



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