How Long Does A Rotator Cuff Surgery Last?

August 15, 2023

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that cover your shoulder joint, allowing it to move freely. However, when the rotator cuff gets damaged, it can lead to insurmountable pain. Given that the purpose of the cuff is to keep the humerus or the upper arm bone inside the shoulder socket, a shift from that might cause your shoulder to freeze. This lack of motion can fester into something worse, which is why the only way to treat it is through surgery. But how long is a rotator cuff surgery, and what happens during it? Keep reading this article to find out.

Why Do You Need Rotator Cuff Surgery?

Surgery is often only recommended in cases where nonsurgical methods do not work. If you and your doctor have worked together to try alternative treatments but saw no results, only then will you be required to get rotator cuff surgery.

Moreover, chances are if you use your arm a lot or your job requires active arm movement, such as for professional athletes, construction workers, etc., then surgery might also be necessary.

What Happens During a Rotator Cuff Surgery?

Ultimately, rotator cuff surgeries work on repairing the group of shoulder muscles that may be seriously damaged. This is done by attaching the tendons to the upper arm bone with the help of permanent, absorbable stitches.

In addition to that, most rotator cuff surgeries are done arthroscopically. Typically joint arthroscopies are considered to be minimally invasive as they use a tube fixed with a camera to perform the surgery compared to open exposure surgeries.

Plus, the process of rotator cuff surgery involves tiny cuts and incisions to reduce the time and damage. The camera is inserted through the tiny laceration. The surgeon then uses special equipment to perform the surgery, repairing the torn muscles by stitching them together again.

It is also important to note that shoulder arthroscopies are performed under regional anesthesia, which means you’re conscious, but all feeling in your body is gone. It’s a form of partial sedation that prevents nausea and pain, especially in patients sensitive to anesthetic aftereffects.

How Long is Rotator Cuff Surgery?

Since rotator cuff surgery is minimally invasive, it doesn’t take long for it to end. Usually, the surgery is done within a couple of hours, around 2 to 3 hours at most. However, based on the pre-operative and post-operative instructions given by the surgeon, you might have to spend some more time than initially planned at the hospital. Nevertheless, arthroscopic surgeries aren’t as heavy or taxing on the body, which is why it’s common for patients to go back home right after the surgery, as long as they take proper care.

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All in all, rotator cuff surgery can last as long as 2 to 3 hours, based on what your surgeon decides. To get in touch with the best orthopedic surgeon in town, contact Dr. Mufaddal Gombera, MD, at (713) 794-3457 and schedule an appointment today!

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